Whether you’re part of large organization or self employed as a sole trader, creating an on-boarding process for each service you provide is an important step in systemizing your business to work without you.

So what is an on-boarding process?

An on-boarding process is simply a workflow process of what needs to happen and who is responsible for doing it, from the time a new client signs the dotted line, to when the service is complete.

Sounds simple right?

Well for most business owners, especially those who work as a team of 1, they would probably already have the process in their head, so why document it?

Documenting your workflow process allows you to create a detailed system for each step of the on-boarding process.

Doing this allows you to expand your business and have a ready-built training package for when a new employee comes on board.

If you already have employees, it’s a great way to remove yourself from certain (if not all) tasks involved in servicing each client.

It also keeps everyone involved in the on-boarding process accountable for his or her roles.

So what does an on-boarding process look like?

Most on-boarding processes will have between 10-20 steps, depending on the complexity of the service being provided.

Here is an example of the on-boarding process for an “article writing service”, from one of my companies, LBD Marketing.

You will clearly see that it defines each task and assigns each individual role to the appropriate person (in this case it’s Melinda and Celeste – my champion content marketers!)

So what is the end goal?

The end goal is to create an on-boarding process for each of the services you provide. In the example above with LBD Marketing, there are 3 services, so each have a separate process.

Once you have on-boarding processes in place, your job is to start removing your name from as many individual items as possible, by delegating them to other employees or outsourcing them.

I’m sure you have heard the term “You need to work ON your business and not IN it”

This is the perfect example. Without having to spend numerous hours working on individual tasks within each on-boarding process, you can now focus on growing your business.

By growing your business, I mean having a focus on marketing and sales, to get more customers signed and delivered, creating a follow-on effect on your bottom line.

How does this affect the value of my business?

Put yourself in the position of buying someone else’s business.

On the left you have a business that has no onboarding process, and relies on the business owner to service all contracts.

Picture this as what I call a “see-saw business” – constantly up and down.

Find work, do work, find work, do work….

If the business owner wants to go on holidays, the business makes no money. He is essentially buying a job that he doesn’t have to answer to.

However, on the right, we have a business where the owner involvement isn’t required in the day-to-day operations of business.

The prospective buyer would not have to work as many hours and is buying a proven system.

Which one would you buy?

Unless you are a control freak by nature, the second option is the obvious winner.

So what happens to a business that EVERYONE wants to buy?

Supply and demand says that the price will increase.

Which means more money in your pocket!

So what are the next steps?

While this all sounds fantastic in theory, without taking ACTION and actually implementing your on-boarding process, nothing will change.

That’s where I come in…

As a business coach, it’s my job to guide you in the right direction, while providing all the tools you need to succeed.

I will also be there to keep you ACCOUNTABLE for your actions.

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