Before we start, let me ask you this:

“Do McDonald’s make the best burgers?”

The answer, in majority, is NO.

Then why do they sell the most burgers? Because they have the best SYSTEMS!

So what exactly is a business system?

A business system is an operating procedure to ensure a particular task is done correctly to the standards of the company.

This can be as simple as a telephone script on how to answer the phone, or how to create performance reviews for your employees.

Everything in your business SHOULD run off a system.

Now, I know what your’e saying: “Oh yeah, I have hundreds of systems for my business; they are all in my head when I need them.”

Unfortunately, this is all too common in small business. I see this in nearly every business coaching client I work with.

So why is this a problem? Having all your business systems in your head is a short term solution to a long term problem.

When I coach business owners, my core aim is to reduce the amount of hours they work in the week.

The best way to do this is to have “trainable business systems” so that we can migrate or automate that task away from the owner’s workload.

What is the difference between a “Business System” and a “Trainable Business System”?

The difference between a normal business system and a trainable business system is the ability to transfer that knowledge outside of just yourself at scale.

So, for example, when I first started my marketing agency, I was scheduling Facebook posts for 30 clients a week (on my own).

I knew inside my head exactly what to do (the business system). However as I grew, I had to create a trainable business system to teach someone else to take over.

That included documenting a step-by-step process ensuring it met my standards of work.

This also meant when I was training someone how to take over that task, if they forgot a step, they had a reference point to look back on.

Over the last 5 years, I have created hundreds of individual systems for my own business. Currently I host them on a password-protected website that my staff all have logins to.

This is something I provide to all my business coaching clients at no additional charge.

Here is an idea of what it looks like.

Getting started on your first “Trainable System”

The best way to get started on building your first trainable system is to look at what task you spend most time doing or what task you dislike doing the most.

I also recommend you track your business activity for 30 days to identify what is using up most of your time.

Here is another post blog to help you out –

Once you have identified what task you want to create a trainable system, your’e ready to get started.

A few things to consider:

– If possible, use a lot of imagery (screenshots are great) to visually compose each step.

– Consider who in your team you can delegate/outsource this task to once you have created the system.

– Make a commitment to yourself to create a new system each fortnight.

I always teach my business coaching clients to create a system to reduce their individual workloads in hourly blocks.

If you are currently working a 40 hour weeks and created 2 hourly systems a month, you would reduce your workload by 24 hours a week, each year.

Now we are talking!

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